Hey, anon! Thank you for filling me in on what happened with this ship.
Let’s bring some of it back, yeah? Especially with winter rolling in soon! The ship was never as strong as BlackIce or other ships I think (back in the day anyways—still, I guess?) so it was my reason for making Frosted Cocoa. It was and is a blog dedicated for the ship. :)

And in this doodle—an AU where Jamie is a WW2 pilot and Jack’s telling him that he’s responsible for putting ice on the airbase’s runways. That caused some trouble.

Haha, it’s kind of weird. My producer on the last cartoon show that I worked on is also named Jamie…


Yeah, no problem. :)
That’s the only type of Bennefrost that I do.

Just to clarify to some of the people who have reblogged this in question or is questioning— this is an OLD ask. I have made the Frosted Cocoa blog shipping older!Jamie and Jack back when the movie recently came out in 2012.

I’ve disappeared from Frosted Cocoa for a couple of months because my storyboards job + working on my original stuff didn’t allow me to compromise time and reply to asks. Since I’m on break, I’ve been catching up.

It’s nice that there are many people drawing older!Jamie/Jack now. :) 

I used to be the one who’d also read all the Bennefrost fics and draw all the authors dedicated Bennefrost doodles.


Yeah, no problem. :)
That’s the only type of Bennefrost that I do.

They become one entity within their cocoon blanket.

(And thanks! :) )

Why is it at 3 am I get all these ideas? I need to go to sleep! Ah!

Thanks you guys!

Seriously, you guys and your comments in the hashtags when you reblog—you remind me how much joy I can bring to some people with just a doodle. It really makes my day. :) And I’m still amazed that many of my old followers on this blog are still here. That is amazing! Thanks to those that stuck by Frosted Cocoa and to those that are new. You guys are great. :)

Jack wanted to watch a spooks movie so…


I have passion for math and violins. Yet they are not a part of my life. I am going to change that.

Hey, I just wanted to say go you! I wish you well on bringing more mathematics and violins into your life. It’s always better when your passions are present. :)

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I think it’s because it is getting colder that I miss these two. Too bad I don’t have time to do the AU comic that I did anymore.


I actually kind of liked how I did that one haha.

Here’s a doodle for you guys. :)!

This is Jack and Jamie from an AU that I made wayyyyyyy back. 

Anonymous asked: PLEEEEEEASE COMO BACK!!! I NEED YOU!! ♥

Because you asked so nicely… ;)
If you guys don’t mind rough warm up doodles, then I can come back. Hahah! I just don’t have time for the big Bennefrost projects or pictures anymore. But if you’d know you’d enjoy that at least…. :)!!

I still think they’re cute.


Anonymous asked: When you going to make other pictures of they? I'm braziliam and i really love your work !!!

Hey! Thanks for visiting and enjoying my work! I’ve been busy but I’ll see. I can possibly do a doodle every once in a while. ^_^


Hey guys! (If anyone will see this hahha..) This is mostly for my not local followers that wished to purchase prints a while back.

I have been contemplating on opening a shop on RedBubble or Society6. I’ve been thinking of opening one or the either or both? (I’d really like to stick to one if I…

Hey you guys! First of all for those of you who don’t know, I am also Rollingstarr on Tumblr.

I know I’ve went MIA for a while now! I still read all the messages that you’ve sent me and all. :) I’ve just been so busy and had to rearrange my priorities that I simply did not have any time (and slight motivation) to update this blog.

I’ve had a couple of Bennefrost doodles here and there that I haven’t posted yet, so I can start sharing that with you.

I’d like to know if any of you are interested in me selling some stuff on RedBubble or Society6? I’m basically reaching out to my Bennefrost fans because I’d like to let you guys know that some of my Rise of the Guardians stuff (including some Bennefrost) will be available if I set up a site.

It will also have stuff like How to Train Your Dragon 1&2—see above reblog description.

Anywho, time for me to get back to work. Thank you everyone for the support so far! I’m amazed for those that are still sticking around/all the new people hopping onto frosted-cocoa. :)!!

Anonymous asked: We miss your bennefrost babu u 3 u<3

Me too! I need to draw the two cuties some more!